MBC: In Los Angeles, Allie and I are going to have to drive a car. There’s simply no way around it - Los Angeles is a driving city. Allie, being from the West Coast, has driven a lot before, and is excited to get back into a car, roll down the windows, crank up the tunes, and cruise down the 405…

Jesus. I think it’s the mark of a good writer when one is able to take someone’s absolute favorite thing in the world to do and make them seriously reconsider it



In September 2002, I took my first improv class at UCB. Months later, in March of 2003, I became an intern the same day we opened the 26th St theater. A couple months later, I became a tech intern. For the rest of 2003, I was both a tech intern and a theater intern. At some point, I ended up…

Pat’s the best tech in the game and just a flat out great dude. Happy anniversary, Pat.